Applied Anthropology research firm

Interested in putting your ethnographic skills to use to help museums and other organizations in the fields of arts, culture, and science? Check out Slover Linett:

Slover Linett is an audience research firm for the arts, culture and informal science sectors. We help museums, arts organizations and other nonprofits understand their audiences so they can connect to more people, more deeply.

Tall order? Sure. But we see it happening every day. Our studies — which range from market research to program evaluation and outcomes assessment — reveal how well institutions are connecting with their audiences and how that connection can be deepened and broadened.

Our findings bring leaders, staff, and trustees together around a clear picture of the audience and a shared vision of progress.

The result is more creative, confident decision-making across your organization: more innovative programming, more resonant messaging, and greater success in both mission and revenue terms.

Read more about who we are or explore our practice areas here. And thanks for stopping by.

All staff (Chicago and Boston) can be reached through our main number (773-348-9200) plus an extension; see our directory for a list of extensions. 

Slover Linett Audience Research Inc.
4147 N. Ravenswood Ave., 
Suite 302
Chicago, IL 60613

773 348 9200 voice
773 348 9209 fax

Skype:    sloverlinett
Twitter:   @SloverLinett
LinkedIn: Slover Linett Audience Research Inc


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