Koobi Fora Field School Fellowship Opportunities


The Koobi Fora Field School is providing provide full fellowship packages that include:

-airfare to Kenya and all expenses paid for the duration of the 6-week fieldwork program (June 9th until  July 23rd)

-a four-week online preparatory course

-a generous stipend

-all expenses associated with a follow-up workshop in November of 2017 to assist students with turning their summer experience into a research presentation/publication

For more information please see (https://cashp.columbian.gwu.edu/koobi-fora-field-school) to apply for one of our fellowship [packages.

We have already accepted three students to our NSF sponsored fellowship program, but still have four spaces available to undergraduate and graduate students. Many of our students go on to present original research at international scientific conferences, so this is a unique opportunity to be a part of our research program in one of the most prolific hominin fossil localities in the world.

Students who wish to be considered for a fellowship must have completed applications via George Washington University’s Passport site by March 10th. In addition to these spaces, there are still several non-fellowship places open to students. If a student does not receive a fellowships package they will still be considered for the non-fellowship component of the program. While it is not compulsory to complete the general application until mid-April, due to the high number of applicants, it is likely that these places will be filled well before the April 28th deadline. Decisions on acceptance will be made once after the March 10th deadline and then again in mid-April. Please encourage your students to complete their applications on the Passport website as soon as possible to ensure they can be considered for a place on the Koobi Fora Field School.

If students are having difficulty getting official transcripts or inputting their recommendation letters in our online system they can send an email with an electronic copy of their transcript and/or letter of recommendation directly tokoobiforafieldschool@gmail.com.

We’re undertaking several new, exciting projects centering on early hominin ecology, behavior, and morphology, human biology, as well as archaeology in East Turkana in northern Kenya.

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