M.A. in Linguistic Anthropology

The M.A. in Native American Languages and Linguistics (NAMA) program at the University of Arizona is accepting applications for the fall 2017 cohort. The NAMA program is an accelerated M.A. focusing on helping students learn to work on language revitalization in their communities.
Areas of focus include:
·         Increasing how often the language is spoken or how many people speak the language
·         Planning and policy development for language programs
·         Developing language teaching materials/making archival materials accessible to the community
The NAMA program prepares students to work with their language communities or to continue on for a PhD in Linguistics or another field.  For more information, please visit https://linguistics.arizona.edu/NAMA or contact Dr. Elizabeth Kickham, Visiting Assistant Professor, (lizkickham@email.arizona.edu) or Dr. Ofelia Zepeda, Regents Professor, (ofelia@email.arizona.edu).
Applications are officially accepted until the admissions committee meets in mid-February, but may late applications may still be reviewed.  To apply, please visit: https://grad.arizona.edu/admissions/procedures/apply-now.

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