OSEA 2017 Ethnography Field School, at Chichén Itzá

OSEA 2017 Ethnography Field School, at Chichén Itzá 

Seven Week Ethnography  June 11 to July 29

Four Week Intensive Ethnography June 11 to July 11

Seven Week Intensive Maya Immersion

 Learn about program options at:  www.osea-cite.org

Ideal for undergraduates seeking intensive training in ethnographic research methods, fieldwork and research design. OSEA offers grad students a unique internship opportunity to learn about research design, methods, explore research interests and participate as staff

 They are especially interested in participants seeking to do research in these target areas: sexualities and subjectivities; anthropology of food; narratives of healing and illness; sexualities and subjectivities; community tourism; politics of heritage.

 OSEA is based in Maya community of Pisté, Yucatán, México, 3 kms from Chichén Itzá, UNESCO World Heritage Site and international tourism destination.

Participants are trained to design their own independent projects and conduct ethnographic fieldwork in areas such as anthropology of food,  cosmopolitan subjectivities, security, Maya medical pluralism, Maya language revitalization,  love, dating & gender, and the cultural invention of new Maya lifestyles in contexts of neoliberalism, new social media, and Indigenous rights.

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