Rebecca Jeanne Andrew Memorial Award

Students, consider applying for a Rebecca Jeanne Andrew Memorial Award! These awards provide funding for summer research in primatology.

See the guidelines below for further instructions and review a list of past winners, their projects, and amount funded.

Guidelines for Application – 2016

1. Background. Rebecca Jeanne Andrew was a Miami student who died tragically on 18 November 1995 in a skiing accident in France, while she was studying at the Luxembourg campus. She was a junior majoring in anthropology, with a professed interest in making her career in primatology. In Rebecca’s memory, her family and friends have established a fund through the Miami University Foundation. It is planned that awards from the fund will be made annually, on or about her birthday (April 14). A list of previous Award winners is given on the accompanying list.

2. Conditions. To apply for the award, the student should:

a. Be a Miami undergraduate studying anthropology, with first preference given to students with an interest in primatology. (Note: Does not require ATH major, but ideally will have advanced coursework in ATH.)

b. Undertake to conduct a field, laboratory, museum, or zoo research project and submit a written report, within 12 months of the date of award, i.e. by April 19, 2017.

c. Provide an accounting (with receipts) of expenditure of Award funds.

3. Application. To be considered, an applicant must submit a dossier consisting of the following:

a. Proposal of the research to be undertaken, including a projected budget, of no more than 1000 words, all-inclusive;

b. Transcript of courses taken and grades earned;

c. Resumé/curriculum vitae;

d. Letter of recommendation from a faculty member or equivalent (in sealed envelope);

e. One-page cover letter indicating the applicant’s reasons for applying for the award.

Applicants may apply as individuals for independent research, or as a group for collaborative research. If the latter, applications must be submitted together and include clear indication of the division of labor.

Copies of successful previous applications are available in the Biological Anthropology Lab., Upham 65.

4. Deadline. Four copies of the completed dossier must be handed in by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 1, 2016 to the Department of Anthropology, 120 Upham Hall.

5. Committee. It is stipulated that the awarding committee will consist of faculty who have taught primatology courses at Miami or served as an advisor to Miami students who have done primatological or animal behavior research. These currently are: Linda F. Marchant (Anthropology), Scott A. Suarez (Anthropology), and Susan Hoffman (Biology). Each of them is pleased to answer any questions about the award. [LFM ; SAS ; SH ]

6. Award. For 2016, it is expected that the total amount to be awarded will be about $4800 either as one or several awards. The committee will announce its decision no later than April 8, 2016, and will confer the award(s) on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, [pending confirmation] a date close to Rebecca’s Birthday, at a brief ceremony to be held at 11:30 a.m. in the Bio-Anthropology Laboratory (65 Upham), to be followed by lunch.

List of Past Winners and Funding

Melanie Peterson – “Excavation of Fossil Oligocene Primates at Songhor Field Site” (Kenya, $600)

Jennifer Weghorst – “Habitat Use and Activity Budget by Two Captive Groups of Western Lowland Gorillas” (Cincinnati & Columbus, OH, USA, $400)

Sarah Karpanty – “Raptor Predation on Diurnal Lemurs in Southern Madagascar” (Madagascar, $705)

Jennifer Weghorst – “Laterality of Hand Functions in the Naturalistically-Housed Chimpanzees of Chester Zoo.” (Chester, England, $705)

Heather Leasor – “Cradling of Infants by Free-Ranging Rhesus Monkey Mothers in Kathmandu.” (Nepal, $700)

Emily Sonderman – “Grooming Behavior of Captive Chimpanzees at Yerkes Primate Center” (Atlanta, GA, USA, $500)

Jamie Horvath, Megan Croswell, & Robert O’Malley – “Ecological Assessment for Future Chimp Haven Enclosure: Caddo Parish, Louisiana” (Shreveport, LA, USA, $365)

Heather Leasor – “Feeding Behavior in White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys at La Suerte.” (Costa Rica, $455)

Robert O’Malley – “Quality of Pair Bonds in Captive Gibbons, Phuket Sanctuary.” (Thailand, $980)

Janaé Arno – “Assessment and Evaluation of the Environment and Behavioral Ecology of Savannah Chimpanzees” (Senegal, $1,807)

Anne C. Minter – “The Grooming Handclasp of Chimpanzees at the Yerkes Primate Center.” (Atlanta, GA, USA, $2,525)

Stephanie Bogart – “Cultural Evidence in Wild Cebus capucinus?” (Costa Rica, $1,200)

Sabrina Bourgeois – “Environmental Enrichment of Laboratory Primates, especially Baboons, at Southwest Primate Research Center.” (San Antonio, TX, USA, $600)

Jessica Lodwick – “The Monkey’s Working Day: Activity Budget from Rising to Retiring” (Costa Rica, $1,200)

Sabrina Bourgeois – “Characterization and Psychological Assessment of Laboratory Chimpanzees Designated for Retirement to a Non-Profit Sanctuary” (San Antonia, TX, USA, $2,800)

Lauren Sarringhaus – “Bilateral Asymmetry in the Upper Arm Bones of the Chimpanzee” (Cleveland, OH, USA, $800)

Daniel Pesek – “Conservation Ecology of the Endemic Red Howling Monkey.” (Trinidad, $1,000)

Jacklyn Ramsey & Samantha Russak – “Ecology of Mantled Howling Monkeys on Ometepe Island” (Nicaragua, $2,000)

Melanie Beuerlein– “Playback of recorded calls to wild gibbons in Khao Yai National Park” (Thailand, $1,000)

Alysha Kocher – “Laterality of hand function in captive chimpanzees at the Primate Foundation of Arizona” (Mesa, AZ, USA, $1,000)

Lauren Sarringhaus & Ginger Stanley – “Adaptation of chimpanzees to retirement at Chimp Haven Sanctuary” (Cado Parish, LA, USA, $2,000)

2005 [Dec]
Christie Grafinger – “Atelinae feeding ecology at Tiputini Biodiversity Station”
(Ecuador, $2,200)

Christopher Newman – “Metatarsel and phalangeal ratios of great apes and humans applied to Australopithecus afarensis” (Chicago, IL & Cleveland, OH, USA, $1,000)

Timothy Harding Webster – “Cortical and cancellous bone ratios in human and ape calcanei” (Cleveland, OH, USA, $2,000)

Timothy Harding Webster – “Well digging and insectivory of chimpanzees of Semliki, Uganda” (Uganda, $5,150)

Maura Reilly – “Activity budget and play behavior of captive apes: a comparative study” (Toledo, OH, USA, $1,300)

Maura Reilly – “Examining Diet and Ranging of Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) at Yasuni National Park, Ecuador” $3,700)

Ashley Sackett – “Female Behavior and Activity Budget of Captive Pan paniscus” (Cincinnati Zoo $800)

Charlene Case – “The Influence of Interspecific Associations on the Ranging Patterns of Squirrel Monkeys” (Ecuador $1,000)

Amanda Friend – “Study of Play Behavior in Captive Gorillas” (Columbus Zoo $100)

Jacob Negrey – “Mantled Howler Monkey, “Long Calls: Effects of Habitat-Dependent Acoustic Influences,” (Costa Rica and Ometepe Island in Nicaragua $3,723)

Andrea Beth Blackburn – “How does the activity and amount of visitors affect the spatial positioning of captive black-handed spider monkeys?” (Peoria Park District Zoo $300)

Colin M. Brand– Examining vocal communication in four species of gibbon (Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden $450 RJA and $250 Spielbauer)

Jacob D. Negrey and Amanda N. Friend – Observing chimpanzees at the Chimfunshi orphanage (Zambia, Africa $2388 each from RJA and $250 each from Spielbauer)

Emily Lea Stefani – Project focusing on the socio-sexual behavior of captive bonobos (San Diego Zoo Safari Park in San Diego $1,200)

Dane M. Weeks – Research on social play in captive bonobos (Cincinnati Zoo $200)

Andrea Blackburn-Observation of object manipulation in Costa Rican White-Faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus), Costa Rica, La Suerte Biological Field station, $2,100

Colin Brand -Study and research of bonobo biology and behavior and captive species management (Columbus Zoo, $500)

Chelsea Menke -Project focusing on the nature of group dynamics among Bonobos (Cincinnati and Columbus Zoos, $1,600)

Jordan S. Martin –Research on “Multi-Method Analysis of Bonobo (Pan paniscus) Personality Structure” (Cincinnati Zoo, $2,500)

Jordan S. Martin “Individual differences in the affiliative, play, and activity behaviors of captive bonobos (Pan paniscus)” (Columbus Zoo, $5,700).

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