Spanish & Human Services (Lima, Peru – Summer 2016)

Because of higher demand than expected, the application deadline has been moved to February 29.

The USA already has more Spanish speakers than Spain, and it seems more and more students are realizing how important Spanish fluency is to a career in social services.

The program gives you field exposure to Peruvian social systems while improving your Spanish more than two semesters (in only 6 weeks).

After your six weeks in Lima you will have:

  1. Significantly better Spanish  The official college equivalent is two semester courses (typically you will receive 6 credits), but you will advance much more.  After a few days of ultra-small classes and a “Spanish everywhere” environment you’ll quickly understand why so many people prefer immersion courses to any other language training.
  2. Field exposure to Peruvian social systems   The program includes field shadowing and volunteer work for a first-hand look at social work in and around Lima.  You also receive supplemental role-playing and vocabulary Spanish lessons designed for use as a counselor.
  3. Increased empathy for Latinos  You will live with a host family, volunteer in the community, and go to school staffed by Latinos.  By the end of the program you will have much more cultural affinity for the Spanish-speaking populations back home.

You can learn more and apply at

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