Master of Arts in Public Archaeology at Binghamton University

Rolling Deadline: April 15th

Studies Made Simple

The Master’s Degree in Public Archaeology is a 2-year program offered through the Anthropology Department at Binghamton University. In their first year, students take a variety of courses designed to enhance their understanding of archaeological methods and policies, and the current state of the discipline. During the summer following the first year of classes, students conduct research through an internship. Transforming this research into a master’s thesis is the focus of the student’s second year. The first semester of this second year revolves around writing skills and publication practices while the second semester is devoted to completing the thesis.

Opportunity Through Exposure

Faculty conduct research throughout the United States and internationally. Graduate students work across the range of geographical, topical, and theoretical foci of the faculty, and often join their field projects. Hands-on training will be provided within the numerous archaeological laboratories on campus and through internships in world-renowned museums, local historical societies, and private firms.

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