Wyoming Field School

adv field school students 2013

Photo courtesy of The University of Wyoming

Archaeological Field School this summer, run by the University of Wyoming!

Paleoindian Archaeology at the Edge of the Rockies

Advanced Archaeological Field Studies– ANTH 5180

 DATES: July 2 – August 8, 2016

WHO: Graduate and undergraduate students

WHERE: Hell Gap Field Station Southeastern Wyoming Hartville Uplift

GOALS: Excavate at the world famous Hell Gap Paleoindian site in Hell Gap and Goshen levels


  • Advanced field techniques – (excavation, testing mapping, survey)
  • Electronic & Digital Data Recording – (GPS, Total Station, Mapping & Lab Software, GIS)
  • Analysis – (Data management & analysis, graphic and display techniques)
  • Workshops – (lithics, zooarcheology, stone tool making)

Participate in entire research process

  • Research design              Project execution
  • Budgeting                          Final report write-up with crew

Extracurricular activities: Atl-atl throw, public participation. For more information, contact: Marcel Kornfeld (anpro1@uwyo.edu)


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