Study Abroad in Panama

“We have 7 programs based around your interests:

  • Agriculture based in Kalu Yala
  • Biology based in Kalu Yala
  • Business and Entrepreneurship based in Panama City
  • Education and Community Outreach based in San Miguel
  • Farm to Table Culinary Arts based in Kalu Yala
  • Health and Wellness based in San Miguel
  • Outdoor Recreation based in Kalu Yala

We operate from three locations, each offering an individual environment and personal experience. The first is located in Bella Vista, a neighborhood in the heart of Panama City, and also serves as our headquarters. The second is in San Miguel, the rural town closest to Kalu Yala in the San Martin County of Panama. The third is the actual Kalu Yala property, with breathtaking beauty.

Here, we look for three qualities in those around us: you need to be (1) passionate (2) positive (3) purposeful.  Each of us embody the belief that in order to maintain a positive outlook on life you must be passionate about what you’re doing and purposeful in the pursuit of your goals. We are an entrepreneurial trial-and-error field laboratory where a positive mindset is necessary to overcome challenges.”


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