Mortuary Archaeology Field School

Trying to find an archaeological field school for summer 2015? Check out this opportunity in Poland:

“In the summer of 2015, we offer seven weeks of archeological exploration and adventure at the the prehistoric/postmedieval multicultural site at Drawsko. The Slavia Field School in Mortuary Archaeology offers a unique opportunity for archaeology and physical anthropology students as well as future practitioners of forensic sciences and anyone interested in mortuary archeology to learn recovery and documentation techniques on both incinerated and skeletal human remains. All students take part in an archaeological excavation, getting hands-on experience in disinterment of human burials and cremations from their discovery to final removal. We offer an intensive course in human osteology and mortuary archaeology at the basic and advanced levels led by experienced English – speaking instructors. The course also offers a strong laboratory component which includes an opportunity to practice identification of complete and fragmentary human skeletal remains, as well as other osteological analyses. We also provide opportunities for students to receive academic credit through the field school. “

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