Ethnographic Field School: Mexico

Looking for an opportunity to do ethnographic fieldwork over the summer? Check out the Isla Mujeres Ethnographic Field School:

“We are currently accepting enrollment to our summer 2015 Field School sessions. We are offering two 6 week Advanced Methods sessions and two 3 week Practicum Sessions for students to choose from. Our dates for next summer are:

Advanced Methods (6 week session):

May16 – June 28

July 4th – August 16

Methods Practicum (3 week session):

May 23 – June 13

July 11 – August 1

Ethnographic Field School is a great resource for any student of Anthropology, from beginner students to those more advanced in their studies. Many disciplines study issues of Culture and the Environment, political economy, or other cultural studies programs, like Latin American studies, not just Anthropologists — and anthropology is not the only discipline that utilizes Ethnographic Field Research techniques.”

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