Research firm employees anthropologists

Interested in an applied anthropology career? Check out Abt Associates: a firm with offices in Boston, Atlanta, London, and elsewhere.

“The Qualitative Methods Center helps to ensure the rigor, validity and replicability of Abt Associates research using qualitative data – any type of non-numeric, open-ended information, such as written text, photographs, audio recording, observations, videos, and interviews. The center is a community of methodologists from across Abt who create trainings, tools, resources, and professional development opportunities for global qualitative research.

Qualitative data collection techniques include site visits and structured observation, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, commercial market research, ethnography – the study of human cultures – and other sources. Qualitative research methods are important for gleaning insight, understanding nuances, and uncovering important problems in health care, economic development, public policy, and other fields. Qualitative methods are often used in program evaluation to deepen understanding about program participants and their experiences.”

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